Gérard Bertrand, gewählt Master winemaker of the world

Gérard Bertrand, gewählt Master winemaker of the world



Gérard Bertrand team is proud to share with you
this new international award of Master Winemaker of the Year 2023.

The Drinks Business magazine has named Gérard Bertrand as Master Winemaker of the Year,
at the head of its first ranking of the 100 most outstanding winemakers of the year.
This recognition rewards the exceptional quality of his wines and his commitment to excellence.
According to Patrick Schmitt, MW and chief editor of the magazine,
“Gérard Bertrand really put the Languedoc on the map for fine wines”.
We are very pleased to receive this recognition
which promotes the wines from the South of France
and which rewards the painstaking work carried out in the vineyards and cellar,
as well as our commitment to biodynamic farming methods and protecting biodiversity.
“I thank you for this reward, I cannot wait to celebrate it with all my team and my region”.

Gerard Bertrand.